Meet the Team



With great expectation and excitement, I am eager to take the helm as President of The Village Mentoring, Inc., for the calendar year 2020. My experience as a student-leader at North Carolina A&T, my work with other organizations, and my service as Vice President of The Village have all equipped for this season of leadership. I am keenly aware that leadership is half the story, and the complete story of this great organization is revealed by the efforts of each officer and each member who will undergird me in our commitment to our mission.

Founded upon the premise of planting the right mentality, rooting a professional background, and sowing the seed, the Village aims to uplift and mold the next generation of strong men and leaders in our community. The success stories of the young men, the past mentees, who have benefited by the Village mentors is a reflection of our consistent programs and activities to produce 21st Century Leaders.

In this new year, the dawning of a new decade, we can clearly see that there are more mentees; there is more work. The Village accepts the challenge to encourage and to equip the emerging leaders who are destined to be the next generation of leaders. While we are elated by the past collective achievements of the organization and the individual accomplishments of each member and mentee, we are not complacent;yet, we are motivated by the thought that the best is not behind us. The Best is Yet to Come.

We welcome you to explore The Village Mentoring, Inc., to see how we transform this thought into action. We are called to plant, to root, and to sow the seed; we lead our participants to others who will water the seed, and we confidently watch God grow the seed. From here, the Village Mentoring, Inc., come world class leaders.

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