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Scholarship Pageant

Through our Because of My Village Campaign, we strive to provide an enriching platform that creates a competition primarily geared towards high-school, minority male seniors who are attending a two or four-year college/university in the Fall.

Monthly Workshops

To properly invest each of our objectives into the young men within our community, The Village hosts a variety of workshops once a month. These programs aim to help each student develop mentally, socially, and professionally.

Community Initiatives

As we create more opportunities for community involvement in our area, we are challenging others to do the same. All initiatives empower a plethora of students ranging from elementary to middle school. While expanding our outreach, we continue to emphasize the importance of holistically investing in a child's education throughout every stage of their education journey.

Brotherly Relations

While we love to educate and enlighten our brothers on their growth and personal development, we also like to provide them with snacks during their after-school participation and reward them with fun and exciting activities to engage in that are outside of school.

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“As a big brother in The Village, my experience has been a great learning tool. With joining The Village as a freshman in college, I am apart of the Freshmen Huddle meaning that although I am a big brother to my mentee(s), Maleek and Kevon, I am also a little brother to the upperclassmen of The Village. Being granted the opportunity to learn from them and use those tools as stepping stones to guide my little brothers is always great and I am forever grateful.”

Amir Abdulraheem Mentor North Carolina A&T State University

"It has been a pleasure to be apart of The Village since the very beginning. The Village has allowed me to help others as well as continue to shape me as a young man. My relationship with my little brother has been something that I'm extremely proud of. Being able to have a role in his life as he continues his journey as a young man, has also helped me. When my little brother got accepted into college, I was one of the first people he called. The Village has invested in me and I am very appreciative of that."

Bradford Brooks Leadership North Carolina A&T State University

"My main activity at school is football. I joined The Village a few months ago and haven’t regretted my decision since. The experience with the college level mentors is great and fun. I encourage every high school male to join The Village. It's an experience for a role model to play a factor in your life, as well as having a team of successful young men in your corner."

Keori Enoch Student Ben L. Smith High School