About Us

Our Story


Greetings, it brings us great pleasure that we introduce an organization very near and dear to our hearts, The Village! The Village Mentoring is a non-profit organization that was incorporated on June 30, 2017. With a simple concept to give more support and love to the young men in our communities, Founders, Trevor Rudd and Jaylon Bray, structured The Village to be more than just a gateway to build men and leaders, but to shine a light on the true essence of youth investment and effortless empowerment. Founded on December 10, 2016, The Village has already served a large number of young men in the Guilford school system and has introduced the idea of community to those who forgot it could still exist. Feel free to roam our site and follow us via Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter!


While Planting the Right Mentality, Rooting a Professional Background, and Sowing the Seed are core pillars to our Village, we continue to add depth to our impact by continuously evolving what we do in our community to cultivate the young men we serve. We foster meaningful relationships by being intentional and open in our developmental opportunities which has led us to start new programs such as our Males Scholars Academy, Weekly Readers Program and so much more. Although our mission remains the same, we will always work towards creating a solid platform where minority males can take advantage of a plethora of opportunities to properly elevate themselves to their next level of success while giving back to their own Village.


Executive Board Chairs


Trevor Rudd

Chief Executive Officer

Age: 25

From: Hollister, North Carolina

Quote: "If your absence doesn't make a difference, your presence never did."


Jaylon Bray

Chief Operating Officer

Age: 24

From: Charlotte, North Carolina

Quote: “It’s the very people that no one imagines anything of, who do the things no one can imagine.”